Paraty is located between the mountains and the sea, forming a beautiful look in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Culture and history on one side, preserved nature at the other. At first sight, the feeling is that we are stopped in time. The region reached its apogee at the time of the Gold Cycle, and still keeps all its history and architecture.

Stroll through the streets of the historic center is a trip back in time with its colonial big houses, churches and streets that have stone driveways by slaves. There, car traffic is strictly prohibited. Therefore walk the streets of the city is quite nice and a compulsory program for those visiting the region.

Moreover, there is no lack in Paraty are events to attract visitors. Celebrations such as the Feast of the Divine, Carnival, Rum Festival, the famous FLIP (International Literary Festival of Paraty), Paraty in Focus, Bourbon Jazz Festival, Latin Paraty, Potters Encounter, International Film Festival, Paraty EcoFashion, among others, gather thousands of visitors and tourists round the year.

Check the city events calendar HERE

Around the city, the nature, still well preserved, offers breath-taking waterfalls, trails, islands, beaches, creeks and mountains. It is a delight to dive in fresh waters of one of the waterfalls after a day at the beach or wanderings historical center. Another very interesting tour is the Gold Road, built by slaves between the 17th and 19th centuries linked Minas Gerais to Rio de Janeiro. Ideal for those who enjoy history and nature.

Do not miss making a boat ride to islands around Paraty. One of the beaten path takes to the islands Duas Irmãs, Comprida, Araújo, Rasa and Algodão; and Vermelha & Lula beaches. Landscapes are stunning. And if you’re looking for paradisiacal beaches, visit the village of Trindade. Redoubt of young people, site is only 27 km from the historic town.

Visit Paraty is meet a world where culture walks together with nature. You can go to the beach in the morning, immerse yourself in history during the day and take a dip in a beautiful waterfall to recover energy. It pays to know!

You should visit and enjoy:

– Historical Center
– Beaches
– Islands
– Trindade
– Gold Road
– Boat Ride
– Adventure Sports
– Trekking
– Diving
– Canopy and Tyrolean
– 4×4 Jeep Tour
– Alembics
– Waterfalls
– Mamanguá Fjord
– Quilombo do Campinho
– Indigenous Villages
– SUP Stand Up Paddle

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Aos clientes e Amigos do Parque Hotel Perequê

Após de 27 anos de atividades transferimos a direção do Hotel para a Rede Internacional de Hotéis Selina que tem como objetivo expandir a rede hoteleira no Brasil.
O Parque Hotel Perequê agradece a todos os nossos
clientes e amigos pela preferência e participação por todos esses anos de atividades.
Esperamos que todos continuem
frequentando Paraty e venham conhecer as novas instalações do Hotel Selina Paraty.

Muito obrigado.

Urs Burkhard & Dany Burkhard (em memória)