The Holy Week in Paraty is a traditional religious event of the city, the evidence of the first celebrations date back to the seventeenth and eighteenth century. During the week of festivities in  Paraty, sacred parts with more than 300 years, are exposed to the public in the Sacred Arts Museum of Paraty.

All the processions and celebrations of Holy Week are, to this day, preserved by both the parish and by Paraty people. In fact, some of them have been adapted – for example, the Meeting of the procession – which was held a week before and currently happens in own Friday.

The procession of Fogaréu in its modern form, since the beginning women were forbidden not only to follow, but they could not even look to your windows, symbolizes the arrest of Christ, where the faithful leave the streets of the historic center of Paraty, which has its backlight off and only the fire of torches illuminate the path of the participants and echo the sound of rattles, which replaced the bells which, being cause for rejoicing, silence on Holy Thursday and only return to play on Easter Sunday .

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